creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hive World Waggle Dance Dispatch April 2012

I’ve heard many people proclaim they long for a proper Waggle Dance* update – wanting to know where to get their creative honey! Well prepare yourself, for Spring 2012 is blooming with all manner of goodies. To find out more information about the subjects below just visit:

1. I’m presenting 6 Encore performances of “Songs & Stories For Our Days” happening these last two weeks of April on Wednesdays & Fridays at 8pm and Sundays at 7pm. It was a joyful January first performing these original a cappella songs alongside my versions of some rare folk tales and myths with modern connection. So please share in the continued uplifting journey of universal themes through chaos toward bliss of what I call “An Unorthodox Spiritual Cabaret” 75 minutes of alchemical musings will keep you in alignment for 2012. Just $15, but if you saw it the first time around and want to see it again, you can for just $10.  You can now watch a 5-minute video trailer here:

2. As some of you know I’ve been working with the Abraxas Talent Agency and recently edited demo reels for iconic actress Tippi Hedren (Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds) and 4 time Emmy-Award winning Michael Learned (The Waltons). This week I am organizing several performance artist friends for the agency in a production happening at the Elephant Theatre. It’s a gallery fundraiser exhibit called “It’s A Dog Eat Shark World” with renown artists Andre Miripolsky and Josh Rosenthal. It happens Saturday, April 21st between 2-5pm (show at 3pm) and Wednesday, May 9th from 7-10pm (show at 8:30pm). The live show features acts by Jose Promis, R. SKY Palkowitz, April Hava Shenkman, Jeff Freeman, Jake Dyson, and myself.

3.  I also have four works of art on display for sale in a group exhibition opening on April 26th from 6-9pm at Harvey’s Art Gallery and Showroom curated by Chevalier Tony Clark. The show is called REPURPOSED and will include all manner of mixed media art with the theme of new beginnings, rebirth, and metamorphosis.

4.  As if that wasn’t enough this month you can also catch me performing two new performance pieces at both Queer Mondays and Wig Out! I’ve been so fortunate to have seen and helped document some of the finest gems of performance art sparkling at these monthly clubs.  The first will be on Monday, April 23rd at Akbar at Fountain and Sunset Blvd in Silverlake at 8pm, with special guest artist and iconic playwright Robert Patrick headlining. The best reason to stay up late in Los Angeles on the fourth Thursday of the month is always Wig Out! Hosted/created by Jean Natalia for the past six years, it is THE place to get your freak on! Bands at 10pm and cabaret performances at 11pm unfurl at the Three of Clubs bar at Santa Monica Blvd & Vine.

5.   I can’t recommend enough that you see Ian MacKinnon’s Gay Hist-Orgy part 1 and 2 extended for the next two Friday evenings April 20 & 27 It’s quite the wild romp through gay history, which will not only leave you wiser about some important gay figures, but you’ll give your abs and mouth a good workout from all the laughter! More info at:

6.   And finally – a Dirty Face Creek Farm Update. Last summer I spent 5 amazing and sweaty weeks helping out on the organic farm my cousin, Mike Stutsman founded with his wife Jessica in 2005. I’m part of the wonderful team keeping it going and aiming to fulfill Mike’s original vision. Please check out the new online “Dirty Face” of organics at and consider joining us as a “Friend with a Dirty Face” to immediately give us a boost our ambitions and help keep the farm going strong.  We need all the friends we can get to achieve an amazing dream of dirty faces with clean, organic food – a cause more important than ever!

* A Waggle Dance is special type of choreography that bees do for each other utilizing the infinity symbol (figure eight) in order to communicate where great sources of nectar and pollen are to be found -- in this case to feed the creative soul!

So many blessings – so many artistic blossoms to gather the creative nectar and pollen and make honey. I hope to see you there sharing in the BLISSINGS!

Jason Jenn

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"The Un-Examined Life Is Not Worth Living"

So proclaimed Socrates many centuries ago. Well, now I can feel a little more worthy in life, for I have recently been interviewed by Xavier Axelson, columnist of LA Fringe Artists such as myself for the Xavier is quite the culture maven and prolific writer, so I was quite honored when he asked to take a peek inside my world and had me answer some questions about my work.

You can "examine" the answers for yourself here: