creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Behind the Scenes of Alek Sandar's "Creature In Me" Video

On set for Alek Sandar's music video
In November of 2011, my dear friend and performing art colleague Yozmit invited me to tag along during the making of her friend, Alek Sandar's music video at a studio in Brooklyn. It included a very talented cast of well known NY performing artists. The artists were quite friendly and open to my documenting as long as I waited to post the pics until after the video was released. So here are some of the pics I caught.

I wish I could have stayed for the full day to really hang out and take in all the amazing performances, but they had a pretty long day of shooting. The glimpses I caught during the time I was there were stunning - as is the entire video, which you can view at:

Support the artist by purchasing his inspiring single at iTunes! You will be happy you released that creature inside you - so dance and sing away!

Handsome Alek Sandar sneaking around

Alek and crew documenting away

The amazingly talented Jonathan Nosen inside his mirror ball costume.
Afterwards he shared how heavy the costume is - how he does what he does is amazing.

Jonathan is a very successful performance artist:

Yozmit arrives to the studio in Brooklyn in true diva style

I love Yozmit!

Yozmit shares a glimpse of one of her creations used in the video
The video's goddess before her shoot

I so loved that the son of the dancer lights his mother on fire!

Yozmit watches the firebird do her thing
The last pic I captured before smoke alarms went off and I had to dash away!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th - "Opening Knight"

It’s the first month of 2012 and already we have a Friday the 13th, and in my opinion a perfect date to open “Songs & Stories For Our Days.” I’ve never worried about the bad luck associated with the day. In fact according to some statistics, because people are more cautious of the 13th, fewer "bad" incidents often occur. As a kid I made it my lucky day, it was the 14th I worried about! Maybe it’s my association with the Friday the 13th horror films, my name is after all Jason. But it’s my hope to bring a new, positive energy into association with the much maligned number.

I include 13 songs in my first bound book collection (and forthcoming album) “Songs & Stories For Our Days.” The number holds significance for me for several reasons. Because 12 is considered a traditional number for a complete cycle, some view 13 as a number that transgresses the cycle — or rebegins a new cycle, depending on how you look at it. 13 is a sacred number that introduces a new dynamic to what is considered complete and stable. Some cultures used it as an opportunity to start anew.  I just read that 13 is sometimes viewed as the central point surrounded by cycles of 12, that it is about the bonding of many into one. There were 12 Apostles, but if you counted Jesus, 13. 12 knight of the round table, and King Arthur 13. 12 Tribes of Israel, with Israel as 13. There are 13 lunar cycles in a year and it's also a sacred Wiccan number.

Friday the 13th as an "unlucky day" actually come about because on in Friday the 13th in October 1307, King Philip IV of France had many of the Knight’s Templar arrested, tortured and eventually executed. The Knight’s Templar had grown in power and wealth over the centuries. They were a sacred society of skilled fighters and intelligent men sworn to do good and among other things, supposedly protected the secrets of the Holy Grail. They innovated financial banking techniques and building strong fortifications.  So on that dreadful day, Friday the 13th, a power play with the Church and State took most of the Knights out, AND their great treasures and property were confiscated, with the excuse that the king was “suspicious” of them.

So hopefully, the spirit of the noble Knights will smile upon this Friday the 13th and help to bless "Songs & Stories", bringing good tidings to the infamous date!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Songs & Stories Teaser

I'm getting excited to present the newly reworked "Songs & Stories For Our Days".  It feels like the best way to start off this infamous turning point and mystically revered year of 2012.  I'm of course biased in thinking that everyone could benefit from experiencing the piece - it's a great way to be connected to the necessary energies for transcending this chaotic world we find ourselves in. The songs and stories were meant to be shared. They are filled with universal themes relevant to our modern life and all the glory and dilemma that comes along with it.

I presented a rough draft of the piece this summer to family and friends in Iowa. Now it is set for this revamped unveiling in Los Angeles. I'm actively seeking to present these Songs & Stories more and more, so if anyone can help me get connected with funding and venues around the globe to make that happen, please give me a buzz!

While the teaser above is visually quite stimulating, I'm excited to present a very "naked" show - singing a cappella songs without the usual theatrical trimmings, which is forcing me to be as present, grounded, authentic, and fully committed in the delivery as possible. I am by no means the greatest singer, but what matters is, as I say in one of my songs, I'm going "to give it my all with spirit and heart!"