creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

Monday, December 29, 2014

Photos from "40RTE! Jason Jenn's Birthday Mid-Life Chrysalis"

Celebrating 40 years - pictured here with Robert Patrick, Robert Babish, Malcolm Boyd, Mark Thompson, myself, Gordon Vandenberg, David LeBarron, and Bruce Damer
I had such a splendid celebration for my 40th birthday party and feel such love from and gratitude for the community here and afar. It was truly a meaningful way to mark the major turning point in my life by having a performance and art party at Spirit Studio in Silver Lake, a place that has become near and dear to my heart over the past several years -  alongside friends and creative colleagues who have made this journey around the sun so wonderful. The following are photos from the afternoon and evening, in which I performed on the hour every hour or displayed rare videos from past performances along with open mic roasting and toasting performances by various friends. Thank you so much everyone! BLISSINGS!!! Most photos are by Rich Yap, Tony Coelho or Orit Harpaz. 

My dear Alien Sistah, R. SKY Palkowitz in my honor wrote and sang a new a cappella song for me.
Jen (Auntie Biotic) and Ian MacKinnon did a fantastic spoof song "Time of the Season (For Jason Jenn)"

Robbie McDonald delivered some of his original songs in the lounge area
Robert Patrick changed the lyrics to one of his songs to roast me
Queer David gave a poetic tribute from his show I helped direct "Raucous Red, Brilliant Blue"

Galen Brandt gave us a fantastic taste of her beautiful Bulgarian music 

Scenes from my ritual about the deeper & true story of what happened to Narcissus and how it is relevant to all of us, particularly in the modern, selfie-obsessed world 

Guests like Bob and Peter created artwork at party
Malcolm Boyd & Mark Thompson

Robert Babish & Ahmond Starkin

SKY and our adorable dog Goldiscruff!

Video performance of "Talk Show" a collaboration with SKY 

I explained the story behind painting my left hand and making imprints upon my head

Adorable Ahmond!

SKY presented her Alien birthday cake