creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

Thursday, October 1, 2015

In "HARMONY" with Robert Patrick

Quite a pair - singing with Robert Patrick Playwright
Well, I finally got my wish - to sing a duet with Robert Patrick during one of his shows. This was my third time around as producer/director for Robert and third time was definitely the charm for that wish to come true! As a special finale number to his recent "New Songs For Old Movies" we performed together in a lovely little number called "HARMONY" written as a clever homage to the road movies of Bob Hope and Bing Crosby.

I must admit, I was under a lot of stress juggling the various demands of my day job as post production Operations Manager at PennRose Studios (coincidentally I celebrate my one year anniversary on the job this month) and the role of producer that we had precious little time to run our number. I was struggling with hitting all the notes and rhythm correctly up until the last minute - it's hard work singing a cappella to someone else's tune!

But I'm happy to say, in the end, it all worked out splendidly! In fact, Robert confessed to me - in spite of our ordeal getting to the point - that it was one of the most fun moments on stage he's had. I certainly agree and look forward to doing the number with him again!

The piece starts out with Robert singing the first verse and melody of the song solo - as if he were Bob Hope singing to Bing (my part). It's a clever ditty about the strength of great friendships/ partnerships - a perfect tribute to Bob and Bing who starred in 7 (yes, SEVEN) "Road to..." movies. Robert and I have 4 more productions to mount before we could even dare to compare... 

After the first verse, the song gets passed along to me, and I sing pretty much the same lyrics (with slight variation), but this time the harmony of the tune.

The first lines of the verse are "I'm no good alone, but I'm great harmony..."

And then...the two of us sing together! This was the tricky part for me to handle...I always wanted to slip off my part and join Robert in the melody! But I held it - and even used some simple choreography to ensure I got it! 

So we danced around - snapping our fingers and enjoying the finale to our third production together and celebrating Robert's 78th birthday!

And I must say - "HARMONY" proved to be another fun and witty song created by the remarkable Robert Patrick Playwright. I am continued to be inspired by his history, intelligence, and creativity. 

So now I have another wish! As the final lyrics of his song profess:

"So please give in, and say that we'll live in....wonderful glorious, beautiful marvelous, glowing and growing harmony!!!!"

Monday, September 7, 2015

Robert Patrick Playwright's "New Songs For Old Movies"

Since puberty, Robert Patrick has created songs for the movies and movie stars he most admired. Now at last he presents them in a concert evening in which he pays vocal tribute - with an occasional edge of satire - to Betty Grable, Bing Crosby, Eartha Kitt, Frank Sinatra, Marlene Dietrich, Harvey Fierstein, Carmen Miranda, Fred Astaire, Judy Garland, Johnny Cash, and Audrey Hepburn among others.

Join the acclaimed author of “Kennedy’s Children” and “Blue is For Boys”, forefather of modern gay theatre, and beloved Silver Lake Underground All-Star *Robert Patrick Playwright* as he shares the results of his witty imagination.

One night only special engagement, for less than the price of a night out at the movies, you’ll get real live entertainment! Just $10


3711 Evans Street, Silver Lake, CA 90027

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Photos from "Recognition=Life"

Here are a few of the photographs from the event "West Hollywood This is Your Life" presented as part of One City One Pride's LGBTQ Arts Festival "WeHo@30"at Fiesta Hall in Plummer Park on June 27. It was part of the celebration for the 30 year history of West Hollywood as an incorporated city. I presented works by one of its greatest figures, the AIDS activist and award-winning writer, Paul Monette. I chose to read excerpts from one of his political essays "The Politics of Silence" - as relevant in its observations and activism today as it was in the early 90's. It was followed by two of his stirring, heartfelt poems about the loss of his lover Roger to AIDS, "The House on Kings Road" and "Here".

I was accompanied by a fine cast of dancers, Atasiea, Harpal Sodhi & Qlint Steinhauser, along with live music by Ahmond. Many thanks to the folks of One City One Pride for their support of the arts. All photos by Tony Coehlo. Click on the images to see the full size.

Saturday, June 20, 2015


“I’ve learned in my adult life that the will to silence the truth is always and everywhere as strong as the truth itself. So it is a necessary fight we will always be in: those of us who struggle to understand our common truths, and those who try to erase them.” - Paul Monette

The words of Paul Monette are hitting me hard right in the heart right now with both an emotionally powerful urgency and resounding universality, as relevant as today as when he wrote them over 20 years ago. On June 27 at 4:30pm I will present  “Recognition = Life”, a 45-minute tribute to Paul and the creative spirit of West Hollywood residents who are no longer with us as part of The City of West Hollywood’s One City One Pride LGTBQ Arts Festival “WeHo@30”.  It’s part of a day of theatre and the show “West Hollywood This Is Your Life”.  It all begins at Fiesta Hall in Plummer Park at 4pm (3:30pm door) and includes a variety of extraordinary performances until 9pm, co-hosted by Ian MacKinnon and Odious Ari produced by APT3F & Planet Queer. Check out the facebook invite at:

I will be combining spoken word along with a cast (Atasiea, Harpal Sodhi, and Qlint Steinhauser) using dance movement, live music (musician Ahmond on guitar) and video art to honor his powerful voice in both his essays and poetry. There’s a particularly enthralling mix of strength and sensitivity in his writing, from his bold essays on gay rights and AIDS activism to the heartfelt emotion of the loss of his lover Roger Horwitz. They speak clearly and compellingly to us in contemporary times and engage on both page and stage. 

"Recognition = Life"
Fiesta Hall in Plummer Park
7377 Santa Monica Blvd 
(Free parking for full day in both north and south parking lots - north lot off Fountain Blvd, south lot off Santa Monica - Fiesta Hall is in the middle and west side of park just off North Vista St.)

"West Hollywood This Is Your Life" begins at 4pm, doors 3:30pm
suggested $5 donation covers full day of performances
4:00 pm - Hank Henderson’s HomoCentric brings together diverse voices in LGBTQ writing.
4:30pm "Recognition = Life" created by Jason Jenn with Atasiea, Harpal Sodhi, Qlint Steinhauser and Ahmond on guitar. With special guest performance by Yozmit
5:30 pm - Ian MacKinnon’s Get More Gay Performance Workshop's “Flirty Thirty: The WeHo Queer History Project” explores West Hollywood LGBT history in a series of performance pieces by: David Parke Epstein, Edwin Alexis Gomez, AJ Goodrich, Andrea Lambert, Ricky Luna, Ian MacKinnon, Martin Matamoros, Corey Saucier, Jean Spinosa, & Travis Wood
6:50 pm - APT 3F and PLANET QUEER host a variety show with artists celebrating Pride and WeHo's b-day! Performances by: Bitsy la Bourbon, Heather Damage, Queerella deVille, Keith Hunter, Leon Mancilla, Leopold Nunan, & Raymond Kym Suttle
7:45 pm - REACH LA presents "Face Over 30: The Road To Ovahness," an original theatrical production about a young man's journey to redemption, through the lens of queer ballroom culture.

'This event is presented as part of the City of West Hollywood's One City One Pride LGBTQ Arts Festival, which this year celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Cityhood with the theme 'WeHo@30, Life@30'. Events take place from Harvey Milk Day, May 22nd, to the end of June, with a special full day of theatre in Plummer Park on June 27. For more info and to see a full roster of events please visit 

Monday, June 8, 2015


The cast of Stuart Timmons' City of West Hollywood LGBTQ History Mobile Tour on June 6
Feeling such an immense wave of heartfelt gratitude for the City of West Hollywood's One City One Pride LGBTQ Arts Festival. Not quite a third of the way through the 40 days and I have been so moved by the variety of events with the primary theme of “WeHo@30” (it was incorporated as a city on Nov 29, 1984 with the first elected majority gay city council and lesbian mayor) and additional theme of exploring how the AIDS crisis forever impacted our history and has yet to receive the attention and respect it deserves in the art world with “Art AIDS America”. 

Helping to work with gay historian Stuart Timmons and a truly amazing cast and crew on bringing his historic tour of West Hollywood to fruition yesterday has moved me in ways beyond my ability to fully describe in a singular post, but I had to at least share some of this:

The intricate tapestry of life is taking on a fascinating glow, putting me into an even deeper reverent awe.  These moments have been coming more and more and I feel blessed to have shared experiences with many wonderful people over my 17 years in the Los Angeles area , whom I love, respect, and admire. Then there are those I never met but who move me so from their bold actions in the past and by getting to read about and/or share their stories, or have multimedia experiences about, which educate me as to their life and impact. So much to share…lots of thanks and credits to give, but for now…these are the words I share. Now on to dive into more of the festival events…

Performance artist & friend Yozmit delivers a stunning walk through the West Hollywood Library at the exhibition opening of "Art AIDS America"

A few quick snapshots from Stuart Timmons' Tour...more to come

Thanks to Cake & Art for providing beautiful and delicious cakes for the reception.

Monday, May 25, 2015


I'm quite thrilled to be the lead coordinator of this wonderful event!

Historian Stuart Timmons is excited to share some of the great LGBTQ history of West Hollywood 

SATURDAY JUNE 6 from 11am-2pm! Fabulous & Free to the public!
Tours begin at the West Hollywood Library @  625 N. San Vicente Blvd

As part of the celebration of The City of West Hollywood’s 30th Anniversary, Stuart Timmons presents a fabulous mobile tour of various LGBTQ historic sites. A specially designed map and accompanying information will be available to the public as a free downloadable file to do anytime on their own, or they can participate in festive 75-minute group tours happening on Saturday, June 6th taking place between 11am-2pm*. “Tourists” will embark on a brief shuttle ride starting at the West Hollywood Library, which will then drop them off on Sunset Blvd for an exciting 60 minute walking/wheeling portion where they will encounter various fun surprises and historically costumed guides along the route delivering the history of each location.

Stuart Timmons is the acclaimed historian and author of “The Trouble With Harry Hay,” co-author of “Gay L.A.,” and former board member & executive director of the ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives. In 2007, Stuart was developing three walking tours of LGBTQ historic sites in Los Angeles. He finished tours of DTLA and Silver Lake, but experienced a severe stroke before he could complete his West Hollywood tour. Now, thanks to a grant from One City One Pride and a team of helpers, Stuart’s vision is coming to a rousing fruition in time for the 30th Anniversary of “The Creative City” and the "WeHo@30" LGBTQ Arts Festival.

*Shuttles will leave from West Hollywood Library approximately every 15 minutes carrying small groups – last shuttle will be shortly after 1pm. Free parking available in the ramp just south of the West Hollywood Library.

This is a “mobile tour” - as in mobility via feet, wheelchair, bike, skates, stroller, or car -  and as in available to download on your mobile smartphone! The live tour will require outdoor urban walking or wheelchair assistance, so comfortable shoes and appropriate sun protection is advised. Some parasols and sunumbrellas will be provided to throw some colorful shade your way.

Available online for download after June 6 at

Live Group Tour Event
Saturday, June 6 from 11am until 2pm
Beginning & Ending from The West Hollywood Library
Last shuttle departs around 1pm

'This event is presented as part of the City of West Hollywood's One City One Pride LGBTQ Arts Festival, which this year celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Cityhood with the theme 'WeHo@30, Life@30'. Events take place from Harvey Milk Day, May 22nd, to the end of June, with a special full day of theatre in Plummer Park on June 27. For more info and to see a full roster of events please visit :

Monday, May 11, 2015

Developing the LGBTQ History Mobile Tour with Stuart Timmons

Spending a day at the Getty Museum with fab folks: Jason, Stuart, Robert, and Rochelle
There's something quite wonderful in development and I'm excited to share some of the news! For the past several months I have been working with the gay historian Stuart Timmons and a few other people (especially Eugene Salandra, Mike Che, and Robert Patrick Playwright) to develop a City of West Hollywood LGBTQ History Mobile Tour. We'll be unveiling the results on June 6 as part of the One City One Pride LGBTQ Arts Festival that the City of West Hollywood sponsors each year. I've been quite fortunate to have been involved as an artist in the festival for the past 4 years now, and love how committed to the arts The City of West Hollywood proves to be (its motto is "The Creative City" afterall).

What is the tour? It's the fabulous completion and evolution of a walking tour that Stuart Timmons was developing in 2007. He is the acclaimed author of "The Trouble With Harry Hay" and co-author "Gay L.A.: A History of Sexual Outlaws, Power Politics, And Lipstick Lesbians" (the definitive book on such history). In 2007 Stuart began developing a trio of walking tours, which included Downtown LA, Silver Lake, and West Hollywood. In January 2008 he suffered a severe stroke which left him unable to complete the West Hollywood portion of his trio. His health situation was troubling for awhile, but in recent years he has made great strides in recovery and currently resides in an assisted living home. He is bound to a wheelchair but quite capable and growing in strength and enthusiasm - with a mind as sharp and knowledgeable about history as ever.

I met Stuart a few years ago at the request of author/editor Mark Thompson to help introduce Stuart to the new generation of Radical Faeries that began to emerge in Los Angeles. Stuart and his friend Bill Fishman lead a small group of LARadicalFaeries on a tour of Silver Lake (the home base for LARF activity). It really opened our eyes to the history lessons and stories of places that were no longer present, but added to our unique LGBTQ history and paved the way for our current life. We had the sense that this was important knowledge that deserved our attention.

In the summer of 2014, when the City of West Hollywood announced that the theme of their 2015 One City One Pride festival was "WeHo@30" and they were doing a citywide celebration of the 30th Anniversary, it made sense to apply for a grant that would allow Stuart to work on developing and completing his West Hollywood tour. In recent years, more and more guided tours are popping up in Los Angeles, all of them owing part of their information from Stuart's work. It's wonderful to see people gain an interest in gay history, and Stuart Timmons definitely led the way for many to follow. 

Stuart lunching with writer Liz Brown and yours truly, Jason - at WeHo fixture: The French Quarter Restaurant
So, since February, a select number of individuals have slowly been helping Stuart bring his tour to fruition. It's been a wonderful process and I really am grateful for Stuart's trust in my guidance on the project. We've taken his tour to new levels. It was originally meant to be an audio tour that people listened to as they walked around, but we've added many new twists. In addition to the audio goal (which we aim to develop after the festival), we've created a special live event on June 6, which involves people hopping on board a shuttle from the West Hollywood Library for a 15 minute loop around and then being dropped off along Sunset Blvd where they will walk for about 60 minutes encountering  performers dressed in costumes that will deliver Stuart's tour in a vibrant manner. We even have some colorful parasols for participants to take with them (as in the photo at top) -making the event a memorable outing. The City of West Hollywood and Arts Coordinators have been wonderful in helping us bring Stuart's history tour to, well, historic levels of fabulousness!

Robert Patrick Playwright and Stuart Timmons at French Quarter Restaurant
The story continues to unfold! It's really remarkable to witness Stuart's excitement for the project and his reconnecting with people he hasn't seen in ages during the process.  I have encountered many people who hadn't seen Stuart since his stroke and didn't know how he was doing. As a result of this tour project, Stuart is getting back into the scene! It's been great to take Stuart on outings around WeHo or theatre events. He's even had people he didn't know come up to him on the street and proclaim their love and appreciation for his work!

I hope that you'll get to know him better as well by joining us on June 6 or by downloading the free tour materials that will be available at the City of West Hollywood website after June 6.

Stay tuned! More stories and history to come!

Stuart enjoys the faux New Orleans decour of French Quarter Restaurant

Friday, February 27, 2015

BOB CAPPELLA! Two Shows March 1 @ 1pm & 8pm

A few months ago Robert Patrick told me he had a new idea for a show where he got to sing his favorite original a cappella tunes to be performed without any cabaret patter in between them, just all singing, to tell two very different stories in two short acts. I was intrigued and of course as the other LA Underground Original A cappella Songwriter, how could I say no? And it's not difficult to say yes when I find his delivery absolutely charming in every way and incredibly inspiring to say the least! And his lyrics - witty as ever from a deviously clever mind like Bob's!

So I took up the helm as producer and director and did what I was told in finding him one day to present two shows. He pretty much directed himself in "What Doesn't Kill Me...Makes A Great Story Later" - I only had to give him a few notes as an outside eye for that - he's a complete theatre pro and knows what he is doing like nobody else. Once again, while I put a bit more of my hand and attention into this production, Robert makes the task so easy when he presented me with an already well thought out and designed production.

And so now, the world, or at least the handful of people in Los Angeles that will attend our workshop production this Sunday, will discover the genius of a songwriter and SINGER Robert Patrick. The past week has seen me humming his tunes in my head. They evoke all the beauty and glory of classic Hollywood and Broadway musicals. There are elements of Garland, Gershwin, Guthrie, Porter, Lerner and Lowe to name a few mixed into his style.

Robert Patrick Playwright & Jason Jenn present:

BOB CAPPELLA! Songs of Love & Laughter

Written & performed by Robert Patrick
Produced & directed by Jason Jenn

A passionate and playful hour of a cappela music composed and delivered with the distinctive charm of Robert Patrick Playwright. Act One spins a story of love, loss, and yearning, while Act Two presents a free-for all of comic numbers, ranging from suave and sophisticated to raucous and rowdy. The author of “What Doesn’t Kill Me…Makes A Great Story Later,” “T-Shirts,” and “Kennedy’s Children” presents both his romantic heart and rambunctious wit using original songs from scores for his shows “Oscar Was Wilde,” “Making Love,” “Blue is for Boys,” “New Songs for Old Movies,” and “The Bugger’s Opera,” plus some written especially for this production.

Two shows, One day only!
SUNDAY, MARCH 1st, 2015
1pm $5 & 8pm $10

Tickets available at the door or in advance at:


Just up the hill from Hyperion Blvd above Barbarella's Restaurant
Entrance through the parking lot

There is another blue-eyed crooner waiting to wow the world with song!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Patrick Angus The Film Trailer

I am pleased to present the video trailer for Patrick Angus The Film - a documentary in process I am working on as editor with friend and art colleague Marc Arranaga. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Patrick Angus Connection Part 1

This is a self portrait by Patrick Angus. I am working with my friend and artistic colleague Marc Arranaga, Art Historian, Curator and Filmmaker on the creation of a documentary about the life and times of Patrick Angus (1953-1992).  Angus was an American social realist painter most known for his work depicting the everyday gay life and scenes around The Gaiety Theater in NYC. He was referred to as "The Toulouse-Latrec of Times Square" by his friend (and mine) Robert Patrick, for how he depicted what some deemed a "seedy gay  underworld" in a beautiful light in the same way TL did with the Parisian nightlife. 

In working on this project as editor (and assistant director) I am in awe not only of the talent Angus possessed, but the various connections shared with my own life. While I never knew Patrick Angus until Marc brought him to my attention, I now realize how interwoven our lives are, and I feel charged by the opportunity to work with Marc in illuminating Angus's life and work to a greater audience. It is sad to think that Angus died at age 39 of AIDS complications. He had such promise in the years ahead of him. I just recently turned 40 and feel so incomplete with all the art I want to manifest in the world. The world lost so many great artists from the AIDS crisis - and it is also why I am working on a grant for The City of West Hollywood to perform the works of those whose careers were cut short from the crisis  - but that is another blog/story...
I actually have many stories to share all connected with this project, but for now I find it wonderful to be able to help bring this story forth with Marc. It's our third video collaboration together, having completed two short artist video profiles. With each project we are learning more and I am grateful to be stretching my video capabilities and excited to be working on my first feature documentary.

The picture on the right is a photo Marc snapped of me in December 2010 when I was visiting him in NYC (he has since moved back to LA). I'm reading his copy of the book of Patrick Angus paintings called "Strip Show" by Douglas Turnbaugh. I had no idea that years later we'd actually be making the documentary. That Marc would receive the blessing of Douglas Turnbaugh, his estate holder, and by an interesting twist of fate, that I would be friends with Robert Patrick Playwright (who I didn't know until 2011). Robert Patrick was THE friend of Patrick Angus who convinced him to paint the works that are featured in the Strip Show book and what Angus is most known for.


Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy ReBegin 2015!

40RTE! A montage of images over the past 40 years. (click for full size)
In case you need a reminder, the entire month of January is particularly wonderful to set aside some self-care time, to still reflect on the year that just past, to form ideas for the year yet to come, to enjoy changing/shaking things up in the moment for the fun of it, and to rearrange the space you live in somehow to stimulate new energy. I hope you'll make some art you've always wanted, put on your favorite music to have a solo dance party, and write down all the crazy ideas you have in your head just to get them out in the open!

December, with all its big "holidaze," somehow always ends up a gluttonous feast of social events, parties, family, friends, spending, busy-busy-busy-ness, and heavy sugar coma inducing foods. 

January is time to retreat, to cleanse, to go within. The entire month or as long as you need - not just a day or two of making resolutions. Spend some quality time with your deeper Self! I really wish our culture would embrace the idea that January should be an international month of powering down, slowing down, and spending more quiet time. The two-heads of Roman deity Janus, for which the month is named, reflected back on the past AND planned ahead for the future. And the month of January was once considered a month outside of the normal calendar system. The year started in March and ended with December (which means the 10th month, decem=10). 

For me personally it's a time to catch up on all the things I planned on accomplishing before the end of the year, but couldn't get to because there just wasn't enough time. Shortly upon returning to LA in mid-Sept I started a somewhat unexpected full time job setting up the office space for my friend's video production studio. The reason I took the job is because we needed to get the studio ready, as this year we're going to start production on some exciting video projects, including the making of a movie I'm co-writing! I had to adjust to the new schedule in addition to help producing the 5 already planned shows/events at Spirit Studio the past few months and deal with the passing of a dear friend. in my after work hours. I haven't had a 9-5 job in 13 years. Add in a 2+ hour traffic rush hour commute. I found myself exhausted with little time to prepare for all the things I wanted to do when I got home. I only had a few days free to prepare for my 40RTE birthday party that I thought I'd have all month available to do! I definitely spent some time here and there to get ready for it, but I only accomplished a few of the planned elements I wanted in order to prepare for the party and art gallery show. However, the show and birthday happened and was splendid.

It was definitely a wonderful party. I feel very touched, moved, heartwarmed, and inspired by the occasion. And it didn't really matter that I didn't get all the things done I planned. I covered the important aspects and had a good, low/no stress time! I wanted to do something unusual, challenging, significant, and a bit ritualistic to mark the day, so threw a party with performances every hour on the hour. I did some old favorites and showed a few videos from the past. I also did some spontaneous things, and most importantly enjoyed seeing and hanging out with friends. And because I didn't get every single thing done before the party, it just means I get to spend the entire year enjoying the process of continued reflecting on the past 40 years and developing the plans! AHA! There is no need to stop just because the actual day has come and gone. We can have a ReBegin anytime we wish! 

a freshly organized art studio
So when the party was over and the new year began, I whipped my apartment into shape and decided to rearrange a few things to switch up the energy. I cleaned up my art studio and carved out some space to work on some new collage pieces. I even found a couple large rolls of paper hiding out in storage waiting for the day I made a larger collage piece with them...and the time to use it is NOW. I had so much fun with 40RTE, I want to keep that energy going and since my collage art is still hanging up...

You're invited to a 40RTE COLLAGE ART CLOSING PARTY on Sunday, January 11 from Noon-6pm at Spirit Studio Silverlake (3711 Evans Street, Silverlake, CA 90027).Drop in for a few minutes to say hi or stay for hours to create some art. I'll have all the paper cement and craft paper and other art supplies available for your use (I'll even have some paints, oil pastels, and other items for assemblage making). I'm rather short on magazines and materials at the moment, so bring a stack to use and we'll make collage together. 

I'm going to roll out a large piece of paper on the stage and make a big collage piece myself! And if the wifi internet stays working, we can even stay later and project a live stream the Golden Globes and order in some food or go to one of the local watering holes nearby if need be.

Regardless. I wish you all a most blissfilled January - dive deep within and enjoy the month!