creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

Friday, February 27, 2015

BOB CAPPELLA! Two Shows March 1 @ 1pm & 8pm

A few months ago Robert Patrick told me he had a new idea for a show where he got to sing his favorite original a cappella tunes to be performed without any cabaret patter in between them, just all singing, to tell two very different stories in two short acts. I was intrigued and of course as the other LA Underground Original A cappella Songwriter, how could I say no? And it's not difficult to say yes when I find his delivery absolutely charming in every way and incredibly inspiring to say the least! And his lyrics - witty as ever from a deviously clever mind like Bob's!

So I took up the helm as producer and director and did what I was told in finding him one day to present two shows. He pretty much directed himself in "What Doesn't Kill Me...Makes A Great Story Later" - I only had to give him a few notes as an outside eye for that - he's a complete theatre pro and knows what he is doing like nobody else. Once again, while I put a bit more of my hand and attention into this production, Robert makes the task so easy when he presented me with an already well thought out and designed production.

And so now, the world, or at least the handful of people in Los Angeles that will attend our workshop production this Sunday, will discover the genius of a songwriter and SINGER Robert Patrick. The past week has seen me humming his tunes in my head. They evoke all the beauty and glory of classic Hollywood and Broadway musicals. There are elements of Garland, Gershwin, Guthrie, Porter, Lerner and Lowe to name a few mixed into his style.

Robert Patrick Playwright & Jason Jenn present:

BOB CAPPELLA! Songs of Love & Laughter

Written & performed by Robert Patrick
Produced & directed by Jason Jenn

A passionate and playful hour of a cappela music composed and delivered with the distinctive charm of Robert Patrick Playwright. Act One spins a story of love, loss, and yearning, while Act Two presents a free-for all of comic numbers, ranging from suave and sophisticated to raucous and rowdy. The author of “What Doesn’t Kill Me…Makes A Great Story Later,” “T-Shirts,” and “Kennedy’s Children” presents both his romantic heart and rambunctious wit using original songs from scores for his shows “Oscar Was Wilde,” “Making Love,” “Blue is for Boys,” “New Songs for Old Movies,” and “The Bugger’s Opera,” plus some written especially for this production.

Two shows, One day only!
SUNDAY, MARCH 1st, 2015
1pm $5 & 8pm $10

Tickets available at the door or in advance at:


Just up the hill from Hyperion Blvd above Barbarella's Restaurant
Entrance through the parking lot

There is another blue-eyed crooner waiting to wow the world with song!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Patrick Angus The Film Trailer

I am pleased to present the video trailer for Patrick Angus The Film - a documentary in process I am working on as editor with friend and art colleague Marc Arranaga. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Patrick Angus Connection Part 1

This is a self portrait by Patrick Angus. I am working with my friend and artistic colleague Marc Arranaga, Art Historian, Curator and Filmmaker on the creation of a documentary about the life and times of Patrick Angus (1953-1992).  Angus was an American social realist painter most known for his work depicting the everyday gay life and scenes around The Gaiety Theater in NYC. He was referred to as "The Toulouse-Latrec of Times Square" by his friend (and mine) Robert Patrick, for how he depicted what some deemed a "seedy gay  underworld" in a beautiful light in the same way TL did with the Parisian nightlife. 

In working on this project as editor (and assistant director) I am in awe not only of the talent Angus possessed, but the various connections shared with my own life. While I never knew Patrick Angus until Marc brought him to my attention, I now realize how interwoven our lives are, and I feel charged by the opportunity to work with Marc in illuminating Angus's life and work to a greater audience. It is sad to think that Angus died at age 39 of AIDS complications. He had such promise in the years ahead of him. I just recently turned 40 and feel so incomplete with all the art I want to manifest in the world. The world lost so many great artists from the AIDS crisis - and it is also why I am working on a grant for The City of West Hollywood to perform the works of those whose careers were cut short from the crisis  - but that is another blog/story...
I actually have many stories to share all connected with this project, but for now I find it wonderful to be able to help bring this story forth with Marc. It's our third video collaboration together, having completed two short artist video profiles. With each project we are learning more and I am grateful to be stretching my video capabilities and excited to be working on my first feature documentary.

The picture on the right is a photo Marc snapped of me in December 2010 when I was visiting him in NYC (he has since moved back to LA). I'm reading his copy of the book of Patrick Angus paintings called "Strip Show" by Douglas Turnbaugh. I had no idea that years later we'd actually be making the documentary. That Marc would receive the blessing of Douglas Turnbaugh, his estate holder, and by an interesting twist of fate, that I would be friends with Robert Patrick Playwright (who I didn't know until 2011). Robert Patrick was THE friend of Patrick Angus who convinced him to paint the works that are featured in the Strip Show book and what Angus is most known for.