creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Bare" Witness to Veggie-Mama

 "Bare" witness to Veggie-Mama, goddess of Urban Alien Organic Garden at the Harvard Hive Alien Art Museum (etc.)! I’m still in awe that The Delusional Diva, R. Sky Palkowitz bared it all for my wild idea to use the remains of the summer garden as costume adornment on her body. And she's still in awe that she actually laid down in a plot of soil full of earthworms and insects I worked up in preparation for the winter garden. all happened when I pulled up the roots of the spent out plants. I realized I couldn’t let such beautiful forms go to waste! Something needed to honor them creatively, but also allow them to naturally compost. My mind has been on all manner of plant deities and ways to translate/morph them into human form (in a way creating my own form of a GMO). I'm developing a performance to don costume as The Queen of the Weeds on Nov 19, so it didn’t take much to make the leap for there to be also be a Veggie Mama.

It suits Sky so well, who has been a devout vegetarian for some 20 years. Gardening is an art, and certainly Sky’s endeavor in The UAO Garden reflects her spirit and honors the work that went into seeing the first season go successfully for her. And Sky is the type of bold, daring artist who really puts herself out there in the name of art.

Shocking? Well, what else would you expect from The Delusional Diva? Well, this Veggie-Mama is bound to make a future appearance and evolve over time. I'll be sure to have my own camera on hand, rather than the one I borrowed. We had a brief amount of time to do the shoot -- Sky naked in the front yard? Fortunately the aliens gave us a 15 minute span of time where nobody was around. It was simply divine. Now the garden has been "blessed" by the creation of art, and ready to plant the winter crop!

We’ll just have to see what happens next.

Urban Alien Gardening at the Harvard Hive Alien Art Museum (note Sky's new original alien art leg tattoo)