creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

Monday, November 14, 2016

Troubadour Trixter: The Tale of the Red or Blue Hat

Dear friends, it has been an emotionally challenging week (oh, let’s face it month, year, decade, life) and it is going to be a very rocky ride ahead as well. So seek your supports and find nourishment to continue.

Now more than ever we must balance between being diligently informed and socially consciousness (a job in itself sorting through all the misinformation) while providing ample opportunities to care for self, environment, and others. Personally the sharing of my voice, art, heart, and soul seems like one duty among countless others I cannot neglect.

So for a start I posted a simple little video on youtube that I hope you’ll watch:

I’m starting a new channel under the name Troubadour Trickster, a rebegin for my artistic branding. I’ve been toying with doing it since 2011, but finally moving toward that calling.

To be honest, making these types of videos and requests makes me quite uncomfortable. Surprising I know, but even while being a performance artist, there is something unsettling to me about eternal everywhere video over the forgiving charms of the ephemeral stage and my inner critic is never quite pleased with the result. But nevertheless this is an era where we have to get over our various discomforts and stay engaged. The time is now or else! And my passion is to share meaningful stories, songs, poems, and commentary that endeavors to be as illuminating and entertaining as possible to nourish us on the long, twisted journey ahead.

I’d love to hear what you think. And forgive me if I make multiple postings - one just has no clue what actually reaches people these days. Please check out the Troubadour Trixter channel on youtube. The first video there is my retelling of an old African folktale that is, unfortunately, quite relevant today.
I am grateful to be capable of channeling my emotions into the shameless expression my inner-child. Oh, and after the past week, in spite of yearnings to move out of the country, I love California more than ever.

Special thanks to Paul Manchester for illustrating the Troubadour Trixter logo for me. You’ll see variations of the it in the future, as the creative evolution progresses. But the logo will usually contain a type of hat, because I wear many of them, and it represents the mind as well as something constructed by humans. It will have a feather for it represents the animal world, movement, and aiming for the heights. It will have some type of flower, representing the plant kingdom, growth, blossoming creativity, pollinating ideas and the Flower of Life.

Thank you for gifting me your attention. Blissings!