creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy ReBegin 2015!

40RTE! A montage of images over the past 40 years. (click for full size)
In case you need a reminder, the entire month of January is particularly wonderful to set aside some self-care time, to still reflect on the year that just past, to form ideas for the year yet to come, to enjoy changing/shaking things up in the moment for the fun of it, and to rearrange the space you live in somehow to stimulate new energy. I hope you'll make some art you've always wanted, put on your favorite music to have a solo dance party, and write down all the crazy ideas you have in your head just to get them out in the open!

December, with all its big "holidaze," somehow always ends up a gluttonous feast of social events, parties, family, friends, spending, busy-busy-busy-ness, and heavy sugar coma inducing foods. 

January is time to retreat, to cleanse, to go within. The entire month or as long as you need - not just a day or two of making resolutions. Spend some quality time with your deeper Self! I really wish our culture would embrace the idea that January should be an international month of powering down, slowing down, and spending more quiet time. The two-heads of Roman deity Janus, for which the month is named, reflected back on the past AND planned ahead for the future. And the month of January was once considered a month outside of the normal calendar system. The year started in March and ended with December (which means the 10th month, decem=10). 

For me personally it's a time to catch up on all the things I planned on accomplishing before the end of the year, but couldn't get to because there just wasn't enough time. Shortly upon returning to LA in mid-Sept I started a somewhat unexpected full time job setting up the office space for my friend's video production studio. The reason I took the job is because we needed to get the studio ready, as this year we're going to start production on some exciting video projects, including the making of a movie I'm co-writing! I had to adjust to the new schedule in addition to help producing the 5 already planned shows/events at Spirit Studio the past few months and deal with the passing of a dear friend. in my after work hours. I haven't had a 9-5 job in 13 years. Add in a 2+ hour traffic rush hour commute. I found myself exhausted with little time to prepare for all the things I wanted to do when I got home. I only had a few days free to prepare for my 40RTE birthday party that I thought I'd have all month available to do! I definitely spent some time here and there to get ready for it, but I only accomplished a few of the planned elements I wanted in order to prepare for the party and art gallery show. However, the show and birthday happened and was splendid.

It was definitely a wonderful party. I feel very touched, moved, heartwarmed, and inspired by the occasion. And it didn't really matter that I didn't get all the things done I planned. I covered the important aspects and had a good, low/no stress time! I wanted to do something unusual, challenging, significant, and a bit ritualistic to mark the day, so threw a party with performances every hour on the hour. I did some old favorites and showed a few videos from the past. I also did some spontaneous things, and most importantly enjoyed seeing and hanging out with friends. And because I didn't get every single thing done before the party, it just means I get to spend the entire year enjoying the process of continued reflecting on the past 40 years and developing the plans! AHA! There is no need to stop just because the actual day has come and gone. We can have a ReBegin anytime we wish! 

a freshly organized art studio
So when the party was over and the new year began, I whipped my apartment into shape and decided to rearrange a few things to switch up the energy. I cleaned up my art studio and carved out some space to work on some new collage pieces. I even found a couple large rolls of paper hiding out in storage waiting for the day I made a larger collage piece with them...and the time to use it is NOW. I had so much fun with 40RTE, I want to keep that energy going and since my collage art is still hanging up...

You're invited to a 40RTE COLLAGE ART CLOSING PARTY on Sunday, January 11 from Noon-6pm at Spirit Studio Silverlake (3711 Evans Street, Silverlake, CA 90027).Drop in for a few minutes to say hi or stay for hours to create some art. I'll have all the paper cement and craft paper and other art supplies available for your use (I'll even have some paints, oil pastels, and other items for assemblage making). I'm rather short on magazines and materials at the moment, so bring a stack to use and we'll make collage together. 

I'm going to roll out a large piece of paper on the stage and make a big collage piece myself! And if the wifi internet stays working, we can even stay later and project a live stream the Golden Globes and order in some food or go to one of the local watering holes nearby if need be.

Regardless. I wish you all a most blissfilled January - dive deep within and enjoy the month!