creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

Saturday, December 31, 2011

That's Funny: The Flower of Life

NOTE:  Holiday Gift Card Flower Slideshow is visible below this post

“The most exciting of phrases to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka! I have found it’ but rather ‘That’s funny…’” - Isaac Asimov

Currently at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland/France, they are running experiments to discover the existence of the Higgs boson, a hypothetical elementary particle that can help theorists understand the building blocks of the Universe.  The popular media has dubbed it “The God Particle” although that tends to be a hyperbole that outrages scientists. However, in looking at a recent photograph of a “decay pattern” from the Collider I was immediately struck with how similar the image was to the ancient and sacred geometrical forms known as the Seed of Life and Flower of Life.

simulated decay pattern model of Higgs boson
Seed of Life
Flower of Life
I think it’s quite “funny”, and love it when modern science “discovers” things that correlate to ancient and sacred knowledge. While the verdict is of course still out on this connection, I have no problem jumping to such fun conclusions - it’s all theoretical anyway!

As a lover of all things flowering and sacred, I’ve been fascinated by the ancient Flower of Life pattern for quite some time, recently incorporating the symbol into the background of the image for my upcoming “Songs & Stories For Our Days: An Unorthodox Spiritual Cabaret” and in some of the HiveWorld icons, exactly because it holds profound meaning. The visual symmetrical pattern is believed to be a visual expression of the inter-connectedness of all life, woven together. The center of each circle lies upon the circumference of six other surrounding circles with similar diameter, creating a hexagonal pattern (another reason I love the symbol).

Forthcoming show last three weekends in January 2012!

Like many sacred geometric forms, it has had various meanings and various forms throughout many cultures across the globe.  The Seed of Life is a smaller version of the Flower, created by interlocking seven circles together, and is used to depict the seven days of creation: if you build one circle up at a time each day.

What is also fascinating to me, is that just as the Flower of Life depicts life’s inter-connectedness and inter-dependence, the process of building the Large Hadron Collider required the collaboration of over 10,000 scientists from some 100 countries! They also claim that by the end of 2012 they will have either discovered the particle or proved it doesn't exist, or perhaps in the experiment to find the building blocks of the Big Bang they will create a black hole that will suck our solar system into it (now wouldn't that be timely on Dec. 21, 2012...)!

Anyway, all these beautiful patterns make me wish I still had access to that most wonderful of childhood art toys, the Spirograph!

May the Flower of Life blossom for you as you search for connection to the God Particle within!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Flowers

Happy Holidays along Your ReBegin art of life: In-Joy this visual gift!

The above pictures are part of a selection of flower portraits I took in the year 2011 (arranged in chronological order from Jan-Dec). They are part of my "research" and "inventory" of images that I take to keep on hand for various art pieces and collage - and just for my general appreciation of beauty.

As our calendar year comes to a close, I hope we all find the time to reflect upon all the beautiful creative blossoms in our lives; those that have come and gone, and those yet to bloom. Take some time to smell the flowers, so to speak!

I'm planting some interesting seeds at the moment, and look forward to what will sprout and blossom in the year ahead. Please "FOLLOW" the blog at the link in the upper left corner of your window to join the adventures in the art of life.

Best wishes - see you next year - the infamous 2012!

Friday, December 2, 2011

4-H & 4-F’s

This week I share part of the performance I did at Highways Performance Space for November’s Queer Mondays (the last monday of the month) - what follows is the abbreviated written form of the essence of that piece and the slide show that played at the end. The slideshow with music by Jonsi, displayed many photos from the summer at Dirty Face Creek Farm (website coming in 2012) in Iowa as I danced around (it was kind of "corny"). In-joy the video and performance text about the 4-F's:

The Thanksgiving weekend got me thinking about how grateful I am for the experiences of growing up in 4-H and the foundation of experiences and principles it conveys. The 4-H’s pledge reveals what the H’s stand for: “I pledge my Head to clearer thinking, my Heart to greater loyalty, my Hands to larger services, and my Health to better living — for my club, my community, my country, and my world.”
It also got me to thinking that I am also a firm believer of and grateful for the experience of 4-F’s as well, which I find also provides an important basis for a life of art.

The first one is FARMING, and I’m not just talking about physical farming, but metaphorical farming. We would do well in our lives and creativity to plant seeds of many varieties. For we need to have a well balanced diet and as a precaution because we should not expect that every crop will always succeed (for there are always unexpected things like weather, bugs, or blight). We need to do our best to nurture and be tender to the fragile sprouts, giving them a chance to develop until they are strong. The soil/Earth needs to be tended with care. Water and minerals must be provided, but not too much! Natural fertilizer is made from compost, which is basically from waste products. It must be noted how the cycle of death and life are intertwined. As the “plants” grow we should enjoy the beauty of their blooms and take time to smell the flowers — and witness/participate in the process of pollination. Spiritual pollination is a process of sharing ideas, inspiration, influence, encouragement, and advice and we have all depended on it to create the society and culture we now have. As our metaphorical crops mature, we harvest the results and have what we need to feed ourselves and others with our sharing. Feeding our souls, minds, and bodies. Farming is an important element we participate in to grow.

The second F is for FISHING. Metaphorically speaking it is partly how one comes up with new ideas, using a mix of imagination, faith, skill, and luck. It is about casting out a line into the waters of the unknown, into the waters of the unconscious and catching something from there and bringing it forth into a tangible form. Sometimes as artists we cast our lines and might only get a nibble, but we must keep at the practice. You never know when the big one may come, or get away. Fishing comes in handy in situations when you are starving or feeling stuck. Putting out a line could produce something that takes you a whole new direction. But remember, to fish, you must put something out on your hook: so start with an intention, a prayer, a hope, or a plea — it helps increase your chances to have a juicy morsel as bait.  See what happens, but patience and faith are required. When the line starts to “vibrate” you must yank on the hook and bring it in - one can’t be casual about it or the fish will get away. It takes work to reel in the prize! Keep at it until the idea of whatever form the fish arrives is tangible.

The third F is really two of them and stands for both FRIENDS & FAMILY. We cannot do without them! We need them for support, for love and guidance, for community, for sharing of harvests and fish, for a variety of elements. But sometimes we get stuck being too dependent or independent from them, and we must learn to be inter-dependent. Families often come with dysfunction, but they provide lessons for us, and if they get to difficult, remember we can create our families. There is freedom from where we are born into if we need it. Family members can be whomever we choose for us that nurtures us when we need it and pushes us gently to grow beyond what we could do without.

The fourth F stands for FUN!  It’s an essential nutrient of the soul in order to stay young at heart. We need to make sure we get enough, but not too much. Just the right balance, giving us the energy to keep going and enjoy life. Sometimes you may have to force it in order to move beyond a challenging situation. Everything has it’s time and place, but fun is the magic that makes life worth living and comes in many forms! That's part of the fun - exploring them and finding out how it makes you feel!

Of course I can imagine many more F’s and many more letters to explore in a life of art!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


In recent years I have very much been tested in my resolve to a philosophy of art of life. It has indeed become for me an all-encompassing pursuit, a path that permeates my entire life and being. It’s a spiritual practice, a mental discipline, a physical way of being. It won’t always be pretty or perfect, that is not the meaning of art. It requires practice and dedication. A life of art, art of life recognizes that opportunity to tap into creative energy is everywhere, something worth exploring, and that yields great value.

Living a life of art is not a frivolous pursuit. It’s a way of being that colors the way one sees and experiences the world, filling it with magic and wonder. It’s not something to discount or diminish. It’s a path that shares many riches and has the ability to transform life and manifest possibilities. But if you are reading this, you likely already know that, but perhaps, like me, need reminding every so often. We live in a golden era, a burgeoning creative world, but we can easily dwell in the ill-usions of our society and the trappings of current culture and forget the true ever-lasting meaning of the art of life.

We are mortal physical creatures, but tapping into creative energy is limitless and transcendent. Our commitment is to consciously and reverently manifest the grand diversity of art and fulfill our role, add our voice, live our dance, paint our scene, write our manifestos, and be our being as best we can and in a manner that is true to our soul, not what someone or some society tells you. Do it consciously, peacefully, lovingly, blissfully.  Live and love your life of art.

WIth that said, I give thanks to the many people who have inspired me on this journey of art. To all the various friends, peers, teachers, mentors, icons, and heroes who have shared their experiences along the journey and given the gifts of their life of art. I appreciate all the many colors that have added their unique influence to my palette. While I won’t list them all by name here, I am very much spending this time in appreciation for their contributions.

In gratitude….

Jason Jenn

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Walking always infuses me with a lot of art of life energy and experiences - and is an essential part of my art meditation practice. The streets of New York City are especially filled with adventure. I have so much to share from my time there earlier this month, like this simple encounter with balloons tied to some scaffolding. Sure watching it bounce in the wind was fun, but the rather common sight can become even more magical when the perspective is shifted playfully and used to yield colorful results. We see the balloons, but what do the balloons see? How can you apply this concept to your own path along a life of art?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Ascending with Gal Harpaz

looking into the eyes and artistic soul of Gal Harpaz

From now through the end of the year, Gal Harpaz invites us to “give the elevator a break” and instead “Take the Stairs at Samy’s Camera", where a selection of his artwork is hanging in gallery space located throughout the stairwell and hallways. So that is exactly what R. Sky Palkowitz and I did in honor of his birthday and the magical date of 11/11/11! Sky and I have been blessed to know Gal (pronounced Gaul) and his beautiful wife (Orit, an accomplished photographer in her own right) for 11 years now, since we were neighbors in West Hollywood at the creative vortex, art and performance space known as Phyllis’ Garage.

Sky & Jason upon the stairs with artwork by Gal Harpaz

Gal’s primary work is that of photographer, and he is a very skilled and accomplished one at that. He was born and trained in Israel before moving to NYC. There he spent four years as First Assistant to renowned fashion and celebrity photographer, Francesco Scavullo, and then moved to LA where he has held a long freelance career assisting on productions with some of the world’s leading photographers. During this time he has honed his abilities and cultivated a wide body of photographic work that pushes the medium of photography into other arenas. He merges the eye of the artist with the skill of a craftsman.

The show at Samy’s is a perfect example of that. It’s a stunning display of his photography on wood. He places his unique visual photographic style on various hand constructed wood panels finishing them off with thick layers of varnish to give a lustrous quality to the work and giving a sort of  literal appearance of moments frozen in time. Sometimes the wood is painted, sometimes it is left raw, and the blemishes and/or worn, decay-like quality of them become beautiful. There is something both haunting and sensual about the works: some containing ghost-like half-developed images, are partially faded or are saturated in color. They exude a sort of fascinating and secret history in each piece that invites you in for viewing again and again.

by Gal Harpaz: pieces of self #2 - 29"x24"x2"

Gal works intensely with Polaroid film, utilizing all of its unique qualities, visual framing, and even limitations to great effect.  Over the years he’s made a wide variety of work like that of his POLARAMAS or documenting the co-created work of art known as his son, in a series called THEO-ROIDS.

While a wide selection of his work can be seen online at, the work should be seen in person to truly be appreciated in all its detail and glory.
Gal’s artwork is on display at Samy’s Camera, located at 431 S. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles 90036 now through the end of the year. GO! Give your legs a workout and TAKE THE STAIRS AT SAMY’S

Congrats and Happy Birthday to a sublime artist!

washing negs, costa careyes, mexico - 11"x9.75"x3.75"

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Honoring Ancestors & the In-Between

This is a time to honor our ancestors, to honor the shoulders we stand upon for our physical and spiritual life, to honor the cycle of life and death, to honor space between those worlds, and to honor our connection to them. And it may seem strange to honor that in half glittery drag face and half day of the dead, but I am honoring too the nature of being a two-spirit, of male and female, of living in two worlds, of feeling life and death in every moment and action and purpose of being.

I've lived my whole life trying to make sense of the various emotions and feelings, thoughts and ideas, experiences and abilities that support someone who feels so strongly a sense of connection between worlds and the space in between. That path can seem an unusual one, and it requires diligent effort to follow, but it I am not alone. Many other brothers and sisters are doing our part to search for the strength to pursue our spiritual and sexual lives consciously and artistically, to pursue a path of love among darkness, through the fear, through the threats, through the chaos of the world. We are all creatures of duality and of more than merely flesh, so listen closely to the spirits from beyond and the history that has written us. I honor those who have influenced my story.

Today I give thanks to my brother, Solaris, my miscarried twin, the Polydeuces to my Castor of the Gemini archetype. He is my guide and my true love, and yet we shall always dance between life and death. His is a story of which there is always much more to tell.

I give thanks to my physical ancestors, the cherished memories of those whom have now passed. To Glenn and Gerry Lackender, who influenced me dearly. They were the grandparents I looked up to so fondly, and who disappointed me, but also allowed me to recognize ultimately that the disappointment was an illusion and that their love for me was true and their contributions to the community they served so very real and still valued to this day. I feel them through me seeking to address human mistakes, and help restore connection to the beautiful family they created. I struggled so hard covering up my two-spirit sexuality from them, but they recognized the true essence of me regardless and loved me and love me still from beyond; this I know.

So to I honor and feel the love of my great grandfather Julius, whom I visited as a child many times on the way home from school in the local nursing home. We bonded closely during his last years and even after his death I felt so connected to him in the other world. If he hadn't moved to America from Switzerland after WWI, I would not exist.

I honor all of my ancestors, and the lives they lived, the hardships they endured. I do not seek to let their work go forgotten or unrecognized. I thank them for giving me the opportunity to experience this life in this present day. I seek to make the most of it, in the way that feels right for me to blossom creatively and uniquely. Through their struggles, they have given me the freedom to be of choice and possibility. I hope to leave similar choices for future generations.

I honor my cousin, Mike, a dear friend growing up and to whom although we drifted apart, were connected in spirit. I hope he will have a long lasting legacy for his bold and brave vision that was being a true steward of the Earth.

I am two-spirit, and I owe my life to so many ancestors. While I may not carry on their legacy through the process of the bloodline, I serve a role and carry on the spiritual pursuits and contributions.

I give humble appreciation to so many spiritual brothers and sisters, not related by blood. So many artists, philosophers, creators, inventors, leaders, soldiers, lovers, poets, writers, activists, historians and the like who have given us this world of riches beyond imaging. Our life is filled with their contributions and I do not wish to take that for granted. I appreciate how my life has been influenced and affected by their lives. They live on beyond in various ways.

There are so many that I seek to honor throughout my blog on this day and others. And too there are so many living cherished ones who I am honored to be connected to and celebrating this experience of life with. I seek to bridge the worlds through living fully and artistically. Art is the language of life. It is through the understanding and appreciation of life, that we come closer to understanding death as well.

Much gratitude for the gifts given.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Glitter & Be Gay: The Ian MacKinnon Way

It’s Halloween week, which means the spirits are out in full force while the veil between worlds is at its thinnest. It’s a week associated with all manner of costumes, witchery, spooks, haunts, festive fabulousness AND it’s the perfect time to honor with photos and some words the artistry and friendship of Ian MacKinnon! He’s someone I'm blessed to call friend and of whom I am also a huge fan!

A trio of Nymphomancer Witches
I had the sublime honor of performing with Ian earlier this week as he led cohort Danny Hill and I as a trio of The Gayly Forward to Video Nymphomancer Witches! We performed a 20 minute set which had us casting a spell to activate gay consciousness and fight oppressive hetero-dominant forces in order to save the world from destruction and overpopulation (if you haven’t heard this Halloween marks 7 BILLION people on planet Earth)! We had a serious message, but we did it in a fiercely festive way which is very much Ian’s style.
Poster for Gay Hist-Orgy Part 2

It’s inspiring to watch Ian’s growth as both a performance artist and dedicated gay activist over the past decade. His passion for creating powerful gay-centered performance art that is psychologically engaged is exactly the kick in the pants Los Angeles has needed to wake itself up out of its oh-too-cool facade. His works are often informative and educational, but anything but boring as he adds into the mix a great deal of sexiness, camp, satirical absurdity, and gobs of glitter!

He transformed his “festish for gay history” into a romp of a ride called “Ian MacKinnon’s Gay Hist-orgy” - with Parts 1 & 2 set to launch once more in early 2012! Ian does a great job of honoring his influences and paying respect to our past history. A must see for all card-carrying gays.

He holds space and built a community for numerous queer artists to present their work with “Queer Mondays” that occurs most months at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica on the last calendar monday. It’s a place I’ve cherished and been oh so fortunate to have developed new experimental works at and gotten to know a lot of amazing performers as a result.

Ian sings center surrounded by the band Discount Cruise to Hell
He co-founded the outrageous and macabre glittery-punk performance art band called “Discount Cruise to Hell” which for many years set sail taking audience members on a costumed ride to the underworld. I’m constantly in awe at the talent that exudes from his fingertips and vocal chords on a regular basis, writing songs that he plays on both keyboard and guitar, performing  regularly at venues like Wig-Out (a venue hosted by the amazing Jean Spinoza) and numerous other clubs across town.

We collaborated to present a full day of gloriously gay activities that honored the great gays of past history with “Gay May Day” in 2010 at my loft space at the time The Pollination Pavilion. Ian directed a group of us to perform “Rehearsal for the Destruction of Atlantis” by Jack Smith. It was definitely a highlight of the year and brought a bunch of wonderful people together I now have the pleasure of calling friends as well.

I could go on and on for my admiration, and will indeed, as time goes on and more blogs are posted about collaborations and mutual endeavors.

Check out Ian's music video featured on Halloween at:

He features “Queer Artist Centerfolds” in an ongoing manner at his blog site:

 Ian MacKinnon not only rocks, he sparkles!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Artist as Model: Julie Staub Part 2

Julie Staub writing down info from her photo subject
This week continues profiling Documentation Artist Julie Staub. We had a chance to reconnect this summer and share philosophies about our approaches to art and elements that contribute to our growth as artists. Now Julie gets to be a “model” providing us the opportunity to explore three factors in developing more creativity in your life: challenges, routines, and playful themes. 

One quick note: while I encourage the casual reader to develop more creative practices and hone their skills: ALWAYS HIRE AN EXPERT!  Photography in particular is one of those fields where having a professional document your special event or create your portrait makes a huge difference. So check out more of Julie’s professional work at and if you’re in the Iowa City region bring her artistry to your memorable occasion.

There are numerous rewards that await from each challenge we make, for each nudge that forces us outside our comfort zone.  We want to find some kind of challenge that will provoke us, something that isn’t easy, but isn’t so hard that we could feel worse for any kind of failure from it. But failure is where we truly learn. A good challenge will take us up to our edge, encouraging us to grow beyond.

One of Julie's gorgeous shots from around Iowa City
Julie took a major step earlier this year by committing to a daily practice of taking and posting photographs online for her Iowa City 365 Project. It’s a deceptively simple concept, but the long term continuation of it takes real dedication. Julie is continually challenging herself to find new and various subject matter — and from that she is forced to look her surroundings in a new way, expanding her vision and discovering different perspectives for framing life as we normally see it.

In addition to that, comes the slight pressure of the commitment to post a new photo by the end of the day, which is not an easy task to achieve 7 days a week, 52 weeks out of a year! That’s something she only truly realized after taking the plunge. She was already a remarkable photographer, but now this daily challenge has shown a commitment to being a remarkable and dedicated artist with an expanded range and body of work.

Julie in action taking a shot for the Iowa City 365 Project...

A routine flexes our creative muscles and gives us something regular to count on and to anchor us among the constantly changing and evolving landscape of creative energy.

And her pictured result
Julie carries her camera with her everywhere — whether it be her still camera or smart phone. She never knows when the opportunity for a photo will arise. But occasionally she also goes off on purposeful expeditions with the intention to explore her surroundings and take pictures along the way. It is part of her routine to take an art walk (something I have covered at great length in past posts like this one) and part of the routine to capture an image for her 365 Project.

I tagged along with her one dusk as we made our way around walking through the neighborhood so she could “find” that day’s picture. Julie was interviewed and profiled in a television feature last year about her process of taking walks and documenting her surrounding — you can view that episode online at:

Hearts abound in nature!
An artist usually develops some kind of repeated motif or subject matter that becomes a theme in their work.  Having the addition of a playful theme among your pursuits keeps the spirit of youthful energy, the spirit of fun and adventure alive and well in your artistry. It prevents us from becoming too serious or stagnate about our work.

Over time, Julie has developed several playful themes that weave into her body of work and provide her a fun and whimsical way to express herself.  Some of those include the photographing of heart shapes, thereby reflecting her “love of love” and how the symbolic heart can be found everywhere.  Julie is not alone in that pursuit, and she was able to have some of her work included into a book of similar artwork called Focus: Love.

"Is it a sign?" - noticing 222 everywhere

Another playful theme of Julie’s is the photographing of the number 222. She’s noticed that number pops up in her life continuously as she became more attuned and conscious of its presence.

Both playful themes allow Julie to feel connected to the world around her and gives her a burst of happiness and wonder when they come up.

SO... what kinds of challenges, routines, and playful themes can you find and develop in your artistic endeavors? Enlisting a Creativity Coach/Consultant (like myself) can help you keep on track. Contact me for further details - and keep enjoying the art of life!

Three factors & what mysteries wait behind these three doors by Julie?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Close Up On Documentation Artist Julie Staub

I'm thrilled to share this profile of friend and fellow artist Julie Staub, whom I've had the pleasure of knowing for about 25 years since our days in junior high school. I remember Julie for her love of taking photographs, involvement in year book committees and generating cool photo collages, so seeing her develop her craft into the art form it is today is inspiring! I also admire how Julie has taken the energy of living in the bustling urban art world of New York City and used it as nourishment for her roots back in Iowa City. Her photo career is beginning to flourish among the Midwest atmosphere as she challenges herself with projects like Iowa City 365: taking and posting pictures of the city online every day.

I was blessed with the opportunity to hang out with her several times while in Iowa City this summer, tagging along for some photo shoots and talking about her creative process. I look forward to posting a part two on Julie next week with more about the importance of taking photo walks. This week, she answered the following questions:
The following pictures are all courtesy of Julie Staub Photography, except where noted.

1. How do you describe yourself as an artist?
I call myself a documentation artist. I feel like my role as a photographer is to record something that is naturally unfolding in front of me. That could be a child at play or a sunset. I am recording that moment with my camera. I don't want to be noticed as a photographer, my subjects usually don't notice me or are able to ignore me. I don't want to disrupt or manipulate the scene. Just document it.

2. How did you first get involved in photography?
I have print photos from jr. high. I was the paparazzi of my friends and was always in their face snapping away. But those were more about snapshots. I got serious about black and white film in high school from an artistic angle, took a b&w film class abroad in italy and was more than hooked! Dropped out for a while after school when I didn't have access to back into digital photography with my camera phone in 2005. Once I started to upload to flickr with my digital camera phone, I knew I needed to give the digital world a shot. After I got my first digital point and shoot in 2006, that's when I really started to document EVERYTHING!

Julie Staub
Diane Arbus

3. Who/What are some of your favorite influences/inspirations?
Diane Arbus and Annie Leibovitz stand out in my mind. I've always appreciated Diane's movie stills and Annie just has a way with portraits that stands out from anything else i've seen.

4. How would you describe an ideal or preferred artistic experience for gathering photographs?
I prefer that my camera is always on me and that if I see something that inspires me, I can shoot it. I don't like to create scenes and I don't like trying to set up a shot. Shoots for me when done are all intuitive. I put the people in a scene, say an apple orchard or a brick wall with ivy on it and have them act natural...and's always about light! You shoot WITH the light, not the other way around. Dusk is the best for beautiful light!

5. What is the most important element/condition for your artistic practice?
 LIGHT! That is what I am attracted to. That's how I see a through the use of NATURAL light. All of my shots are based off that. Plus, I love the element of weather. Fog, dew, frost, clouds, snow, etc. all add an exciting element to my shots.

6. Do you have any special routines or rituals that you incorporate into your work?
Always carry my camera. My 365 project forces me to do so, but I usually have some sort of recording device on me at all times. My iphone is a great back up!

7. Do you find challenges in your 365 Project?
Yes, but the issues have more to do with my mood than my desire to take pictures. I don't always like to carry my bulky camera with me, but I will have it in my car ready if I'm not holding it. I also am just so tired after my day job that I don't have the energy to "create" a shot. I strive on variety and interesting shots. I'm not going to take a picture just to take a picture for the day...I'm hard on myself as an artist to make my shot something I personally LOVE and if i'm not in the mood to be creative...that's a struggle. I also struggle with the fact that I like to "capture" my images rather than "create" them. Meaning, if I am not inspired by the light, I am not inspired to shoot. This gets tricky when I haven't done my shot and it's now dark out. It makes my shot for the day that much harder, but that's when I go and search for the "light" - whatever is available to me!

8. What’s next for you? What do you want in the future?
I am a creative octopus, I have my arms in so many directions and I can't execute my ideas fast enough! Right now, my focus is on generating some buzz around my 365 images. I am in talks with the Englert about doing a show before the holidays in their gallery space and also creating some cards, calendars and small prints available there and other local venues to sell for the holidays. I want to market to UI alumni and others who are nostalgic for IC. I will also make a book and sell it once the project is complete next summer. It has always been my idea to donate some of those profits to local charities and arts organizations like the Englert (Theater in Iowa City). I also want to play the technology game and develop an app using my images, perhaps a daily calendar with positive affirmations.
Oh! and a childrens book using my images as well! In the future, I would like my own studio space to house my art pieces and do product shoots. I think the penthouse of the Vetro would work just nicely! I also want to move my photoshoots into a program that lets me put the still images all together like a short movie and when played quickly, you get a sense of the story that is being told by the images. I do that now, but I want to get better at using the program. I set the images to music and burn to DVD and then you can watch it on your TV. I'd would also like to do more commercial work and be paid to travel various places for a shoot. That has always been a dream of mine!!

Based on the great body of work and dedication, those dreams are likely to soon become reality!
Check out more of Julie's documentation art at:

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Book Fair Flair

Wow. What a weekend of being wonderfully overwhelmed by the love of words and creative peers! I received a double dose of it by attending both the West Hollywood Library's official opening on Saturday and the Book Fair on Sunday. The air was indeed charged with excitement and I'm definitely glad I was there to grab and participate in some of that energy.

In an era of online media and e-books, it's great to see a library built with great style in mind - honoring the library as a place for people to gather and share in the glory of the printed word. The book fair looked in high form with so many options - perhaps too much, but that's the world we live in with so many choices. As I wrote an performed in my song "There are so many stories / wanting to be told / everyday the new ones / join voices with the old..."

Here are some photos from the weekend experience (as per usual, click on image to enlarge):

One of many aisle of booths and books

The Library and Pacific Design Center in background

Homo-centric founder and word guru Hank Henderson with writer Travis Wood

The homo-centric booth right next to the mainstage

I'll sing away all day if needed

Ian MacKinnon thrilled audiences with selections from his Gay Hist-orgy part 1 & 2

Michael Kearns and his "Renegades" wowed audiences to close the fair
Shepard Fairey is one of several remarkable murals as part of the new Library

The views from the library second floor are so wonderful it may distract a reader...

An ornate ceiling caps the second floor and is from "green" wood material

"The Library Tree"

A little humor on the way home from a gorgeous day