creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Year in Review (as told by feet)

The key of a story is not all in the tale itself, but also in how it is told. I thought I'd add a little whimsy to the year that was 2010 by having my feet narrate for me -- well, at least provide visuals.

Just over a year ago a little accident cut into the two little toes of my left foot, sending me to the ER for stitches. I realized how much I had a bit of a foot fetish - or at least how much I enjoyed taking pictures of and making art with my feet. They gladly obliged my renewed obsession while I work toward putting together a new art & writing book* dedicated to the love of feet - and the places they've been.

*So I invite all readers and friends to email me pictures of their feet to include in a collage for the ongoing book project.

Once the toes healed, I pampered my feet with a pedicure in late January. February-May brought a series of events hosted at my loft the Pollination Pavilion, so my feet didn't need to move far for fun. I'll be discussing the value and art of hosting home events in upcoming blogs.

Valentine weekend brought the performance and art party "Love & P's" -- while in part an event to highlight Federico Hewson's Valentine Peace Project (more on that in another blog soon), guests could also make puppets thanks to King Daniel's lab and got to enjoy a variety of live performances. You can see a video of the festivities at this link:

My feet got loose to the rhythms of Alo & the Narcissist when he held his CD release event here on the first day of Spring. My feet were fancy free during the celebration of Gay May Day, which included a fun & fantastical fully staged production of Jack Smith's "Rehearsal for the Destruction of Atlantis" directed by Ian MacKinnon. My feet were happy to have been present in many of the monthly Queer Monday's events held at Highways Performance Space that Ian hosts.

My feet were really thrilled they got to dance in a several lovely performances with Nathalie Broizat including one of the coolest productions I've ever been in called "Encore L'Amour." This excellent show scored by the amazing music of Jean-Paul Monsché is currently seeking major funding so we can take it to the Festival d'Avignon in France come summer 2011 (again, more on that soon)! But watch the video edit of it here:

My feet did leave home though, for several travel experiences early on in the year - part work, part art making, part adventure. Trips to Vancouver for the Winter Olympics, NYC, Denver to see Sting, and Death Valley come to mind as particularly pleasurable to the feet.

In summer, my feet had to slow down a bit as I prepared myself for surgery. Thanks to a research study I participated in that took an MRI of my brain, I discovered I had a little tumor growing in my neck that needed to be removed. Fortunately it was benign and I recovered rather quickly - my feet got impatient waiting around.

During the summer my feet were able to help several friend renovate their home, including longtime art collaborator Sky. We did a major creative make-over of the original Harvard Hive space so she could take over the hosting of three more performance and art parties (and yes much more blogging about this to come). See video edits of that here:

The fall brought several more travels, most notably back to Iowa to officiate my sister's wedding (see blog Nov 26). The road trip there and back gave several more experiences for my feet to express their love for being out and about in the mountains of New Mexico and Utah.

The year came to a seemingly quick close after that. I started up this blog (thanks to web consultant Lee Wind for his guidance - see his site: I finished putting together my first book: a collection of song lyrics and artwork (again, more on that soon). Recent trips to Seattle and NYC were travel highlights for me; anywhere I could walk, walk, walk! Look back at past blogs and you'll see how my feet love to get attention...and seem to rule my thinking. I'm more than happy to oblige them. Many more journeys are afoot for 2011!

I hope you had happy feet in 2010. Best wishes to you for a fantastic 2011.
Send me pictures of your feet!


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