creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

Monday, November 26, 2012

Junkmail Weeds Repurposed

Definitions of a weed often include the idea of it being undesirable, troublesome, and existing profusely where it is not wanted. With that in mind, I could see no better item to make the Queen of the Weeds root crown, than the junk mail flyers that have appeared in the mailbox at my new studio. I cancelled them immediately upon receiving my first batch, but it takes over a month to put an end to them, so the mailers dutifully reappear until that grateful day.

So I twisted them up and secured it all with some masking tape for the frame. I wanted the roots to remain flexible, and they do bend and shake like real roots. I added some Spanish moss left over from an old costume components from The Axis Mundi Tree Spirit (Fauve Conspiracy's "Arboretum" piece ASH) and strands of twine, to serve as smaller root fragments. I then covered the structure with various shades of black and brown paint, and finished it off by sprinkling black, copper, gold and brown glitter over it.

The idea of Queen of the Weeds is that she is an inverted plant, her head being the structure of roots and her body being a dress of greenery. I got the inspiration from the real goddess, who did indeed speak to me shortly after I pulled one of her manifestations out of the ground.

Scientists recently discovered that plants can communicate with each other through a type of clicking sound their roots make. What it signals however they aren't sure. So whether this story is a result of a fertile imagination or a channeled message, I've been talking to plants and hearing things ever since I can remember. As a child a bush in the neighbors yard next door taught me spells to interact with the wind...but that is another story.

The Queen of the Weeds costume bodice is made by repurposing two old Ikea round woven place mats and gluing some left over rope into spirals.  There's also an old brown shoestring involved to hang it upon my neck -- so talk about shoestring budget! I did need to purchase the sequin fabric and one plastic weed plant to attach permanently to the bodice. The whole idea was to strike a balance between recycled materials helping limit the carbon footprint.  I accessorize the rest of the costume with real plant matter. At first I was torn over having to pull up more weeds for the performance piece, but I received the Queen of the Weeds blessing on the endeavor as long as it helps propel her message forward. She wants the message known, loud and clear. Pay heed to the weeds!!!

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