creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Midnight Collages

Midnight Collage 1 (click image to see larger)
I'm trying out a new time for making artwork - just before bed. It hasn't usually been my time to make collages, but mornings are dedicated to writing and stretching, and nowadays I easily get caught up with work and various errands in the midday-evening hours.  I thought it would be good to try doing abstract collage making just before bedtime. I am finding it a nice way to clear my mind from the events and noise of the day,  providing a wonderful bridge into the unconscious realm. 
Midnight Collage 2
I realized its been awhile since I've utilized my favorite method of hand tearing the paper, a tactile approach I love, giving the pieces a rough edge and for me a more engaging and lifelike rawness. I recognize I am actively tearing one image and giving it a new birth, a somewhat devastating and somewhat poetic process, transforming the image. Nothing in creation occurs without first destroying something, the key is to utilize our artistic soul in the reshaping.
Midnight Collage 3
I have also been inspired to return to collage by reading about the collage history of collage artist pioneer of the Dada Kathe Steinitz, and her relationship to artist William Emboden, whose lifetime of achievement and artistic genius I highly respect. He is the multi-talented artist and author, who wrote last year's play "Cocteau & Colette at the Grand VĂ©four."

Midnight Collage 4
I found after doing the first one that I had the best night of sleep in ages and woke up refreshed and early in the morning. While I can't say that has consistently happened, it feels good when possible to make a collage before bed (when other urgent deadlines aren't approaching!)

Midnight Collage 5

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