creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy ReBegin 2014 Blissings!

Best wishes to you in this brand new 2014! Here’s hoping that the turn of another year finds you well and full of blissings in body, mind, spirit, and soul.

We always end the year with a flurry of activity (also known as the holidaze). In recent years I’ve found myself really desiring to turn within around this time of year, responding to the natural winter cycle and need to "hibernate".

January is one of the most fabulous months for carving out some personal space to ground oneself with intentions for the year ahead. Of course we can create resolutions, but it’s also a wonderful time to honor the previous year’s accomplishments and lessons learned from any set-backs or unfinished goals.

January is named after the Roman deity Janus, and you don’t have to believe in any kind of two-headed god, to contemplate the archetypal concepts and relevance that fresh beginnings have to our modern lives. Here is a link to a video I created last year about Janus Geminus for anyone who isn’t familiar with January’s historical roots.

What always fascinates me the most is how the month of January (and February) were once considered outside the measure of calendar months, a span of time in between the 1st month of March and 10th month of December, where people could cleanse themselves from the past year and prepare for the future. A time to stretch out, take care of our inner needs, and reflect upon the sunlight growing gradually longer each day (for the Northern hemisphere at least). It truly fascinates me how our modern societies measure of time is still based upon long gone cultures and evolved customs.

But now is the time for ReBegin. Renewal and rejuvenation. I wish you all generous amounts of time to cultivate and connect with your inner personal needs.

I took some time to cast reflection upon the year that was. For those who would like to join me on the journey of review, you can find me sharing some highlights here.

I took some time to gaze into the possibilities of the year ahead. Several exciting creative projects are in development and I look forward to sharing more about them over the course of the year.

The most immediate upcoming event that I am eager to share is the premiere of a brand new full length one-man, one-act show called “Ecstasy For Everyone: A Theatrical Celebration of the Poetry & Art of James Broughton.” I had no idea of the adventure I was in for when I set about creating a 10 minute piece for the after party of the “Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton” documentary premiere in San Francisco last June.

I became entranced by James’ poetry and knew that I had to bring an hour long performance of his words to life on stage somehow. The last two weekends of February and first one of March will bring the first incarnation of the show in Los Angeles as I prepare it for a gigs in San Francisco and beyond. More details about the show can be found here or in blogs to come!

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