creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


A selection of photos by Gregory Frye of the funtastic evening that was HOMO-HARVEST: GAYRATITUDE!!! Indeed it was an evening to feel gay love and gayratitude for a lovely audience and amazing performers!

I was very pleased to co-host the evening with the incredible force of artistic genius and get-more-gay champion, Ian MacKinnon!

I presented a piece about the myth of Aristaeus, the demi-god son of Apollo and the human huntress Cyrene. He was considered by many the first farmer and master herdsman. He was also a beekeeper and recognized the importance of pollination to create food. The myth involves the disappearance of the bees one day and Aristaeus's search for how to bring them back. A story with modern relevance. In the tale he visits the god, Proteus, considered the old man of the sea, who had the power of foresight and could see the well as change shape. One had to wrestle him and pin him down in order to get an answer to their question, but it proved a challenge as he kept changing shape into a variety of creatures!

I had the sublime pleasure of working with a fabulous cast: Aristaeus was played by Eli Rarey, a gold-medal champion winner in the 2014 Gay Games! And Robert Patrick played Proteus. Atasiea, Hunter Wells, and Julio Levya performed various roles. The entire evening was filled with stellar performances by some of the best artists in the LA Underground scene! THANK YOU!!!!

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