creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

Saturday, June 20, 2015


“I’ve learned in my adult life that the will to silence the truth is always and everywhere as strong as the truth itself. So it is a necessary fight we will always be in: those of us who struggle to understand our common truths, and those who try to erase them.” - Paul Monette

The words of Paul Monette are hitting me hard right in the heart right now with both an emotionally powerful urgency and resounding universality, as relevant as today as when he wrote them over 20 years ago. On June 27 at 4:30pm I will present  “Recognition = Life”, a 45-minute tribute to Paul and the creative spirit of West Hollywood residents who are no longer with us as part of The City of West Hollywood’s One City One Pride LGTBQ Arts Festival “WeHo@30”.  It’s part of a day of theatre and the show “West Hollywood This Is Your Life”.  It all begins at Fiesta Hall in Plummer Park at 4pm (3:30pm door) and includes a variety of extraordinary performances until 9pm, co-hosted by Ian MacKinnon and Odious Ari produced by APT3F & Planet Queer. Check out the facebook invite at:

I will be combining spoken word along with a cast (Atasiea, Harpal Sodhi, and Qlint Steinhauser) using dance movement, live music (musician Ahmond on guitar) and video art to honor his powerful voice in both his essays and poetry. There’s a particularly enthralling mix of strength and sensitivity in his writing, from his bold essays on gay rights and AIDS activism to the heartfelt emotion of the loss of his lover Roger Horwitz. They speak clearly and compellingly to us in contemporary times and engage on both page and stage. 

"Recognition = Life"
Fiesta Hall in Plummer Park
7377 Santa Monica Blvd 
(Free parking for full day in both north and south parking lots - north lot off Fountain Blvd, south lot off Santa Monica - Fiesta Hall is in the middle and west side of park just off North Vista St.)

"West Hollywood This Is Your Life" begins at 4pm, doors 3:30pm
suggested $5 donation covers full day of performances
4:00 pm - Hank Henderson’s HomoCentric brings together diverse voices in LGBTQ writing.
4:30pm "Recognition = Life" created by Jason Jenn with Atasiea, Harpal Sodhi, Qlint Steinhauser and Ahmond on guitar. With special guest performance by Yozmit
5:30 pm - Ian MacKinnon’s Get More Gay Performance Workshop's “Flirty Thirty: The WeHo Queer History Project” explores West Hollywood LGBT history in a series of performance pieces by: David Parke Epstein, Edwin Alexis Gomez, AJ Goodrich, Andrea Lambert, Ricky Luna, Ian MacKinnon, Martin Matamoros, Corey Saucier, Jean Spinosa, & Travis Wood
6:50 pm - APT 3F and PLANET QUEER host a variety show with artists celebrating Pride and WeHo's b-day! Performances by: Bitsy la Bourbon, Heather Damage, Queerella deVille, Keith Hunter, Leon Mancilla, Leopold Nunan, & Raymond Kym Suttle
7:45 pm - REACH LA presents "Face Over 30: The Road To Ovahness," an original theatrical production about a young man's journey to redemption, through the lens of queer ballroom culture.

'This event is presented as part of the City of West Hollywood's One City One Pride LGBTQ Arts Festival, which this year celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Cityhood with the theme 'WeHo@30, Life@30'. Events take place from Harvey Milk Day, May 22nd, to the end of June, with a special full day of theatre in Plummer Park on June 27. For more info and to see a full roster of events please visit 

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