creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Delusional Diva's Animal Queendom

Zacky is truly out of this world
Sky has a lot of pets - both furry, not very furry at all, and scaled. And if she could, she'd have a lot more. So when she isn't enjoying the company of her 4 cats (Djuna, Moaner, Little Baby, and Zacky the naked Sphynx), her dog (Scruffy aka Goldiscruffs of whom I am the co-parent), or her 4 foot long Iguana (Zyg), she can often be found making drawings and paintings of elephants, dolphins, turtles, and giraffes to add to the menagerie.

Here's the latest video clip from A Palkowitz Now! The Zacky & Sky Show - which briefly highlights her unique co-star and pet. More talking videos are in the works.

Also - enjoy this photo sampling of the inhabitants of R. SKY Palkowitz's Animal Queendom:

Scruffy & Zacky on the "Calling America" couch inside the Alien Theatre
A bed full of them!
Day bed relaxation with Djuna and Scruffy
PGX Fun Fact: Djuna, the black cat, is the eldest pet who used to live at Phyllis' Garage with us. Her name comes from famous lesbian author Djuna Barnes and the character in one of Anais Nin's novels. Djuna's personality has changed in the past year and she's become a more playful and energetic girl!

Scruff close up
Zyg and his dedicated mother
PGX Fun Fact: Zyg was discovered one day in a tree in the backyard - he had escaped from a neighbor who let Sky keep him. At the time he was only 9 inches long and without a tail (it can break off and grow back as a defense mechanism). And now...he's over 4 feet long! I built him an 8 foot long habitat in the living room so he had space to hang out!

Zyg's Living Room Habitat

More PGX fun to come!

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