creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pix from the 2nd 39th Big!Bang!Boom!BdayBash!

So just how was the Delusional Diva's roast and toast on Friday, June 24th? Here are a selection of some of the colorful pictures to hopefully curb the appetite, while people await for the much anticipated video edit to one of the most enjoyable parties yet at the Harvard Hive Alien Art Museum Animal Queendom, etc.

Scruffy might welcome you up the lighted stairwell ramp leading to the mothership and you enjoy the walls of art
Sky's girls usher you through the threshold

Where a chocolate fondue fountain could be found courtesy of...

Miracle Mike (pictured here singing his original song tribute to Sky)

Sky's pal professional jazz bass player Robert Russell provided some funk...

all night long (when he wasn't hitting on Rochelle)!

Special guests like Sky's pal John Silvers played throughout the evening
With talented folks like Maxim Valour switching instruments quite often
Rochelle got to see just how many folks celebrated her daughter's existence

With all manner of funny roasts & toasts

Surprise guests who popped in for the first time
Or whom have visited often like April Hava Shenkman
There was always much to witness
And very warm sentiments shared like the one by Orit Harpaz
And glowing comments given like the one by Adilah Barnes
While the Diva took it all in surrounded by friends like Blu and Robert
And girlfriend Ingrid explained how they met
There were many shared kisses like the one from Chip
Some from the non-human kind like Scruffy to Margarita
And lots of cake to eat!
Along with lots of laughter like from Luisa who couldn't hold it in

There were many strange sights to behold

Curiosities to discover

Both quirky and bold
Um...what was the question?

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