creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

creative consulting for the art of life by Jason Jenn

Friday, November 11, 2011

Ascending with Gal Harpaz

looking into the eyes and artistic soul of Gal Harpaz

From now through the end of the year, Gal Harpaz invites us to “give the elevator a break” and instead “Take the Stairs at Samy’s Camera", where a selection of his artwork is hanging in gallery space located throughout the stairwell and hallways. So that is exactly what R. Sky Palkowitz and I did in honor of his birthday and the magical date of 11/11/11! Sky and I have been blessed to know Gal (pronounced Gaul) and his beautiful wife (Orit, an accomplished photographer in her own right) for 11 years now, since we were neighbors in West Hollywood at the creative vortex, art and performance space known as Phyllis’ Garage.

Sky & Jason upon the stairs with artwork by Gal Harpaz

Gal’s primary work is that of photographer, and he is a very skilled and accomplished one at that. He was born and trained in Israel before moving to NYC. There he spent four years as First Assistant to renowned fashion and celebrity photographer, Francesco Scavullo, and then moved to LA where he has held a long freelance career assisting on productions with some of the world’s leading photographers. During this time he has honed his abilities and cultivated a wide body of photographic work that pushes the medium of photography into other arenas. He merges the eye of the artist with the skill of a craftsman.

The show at Samy’s is a perfect example of that. It’s a stunning display of his photography on wood. He places his unique visual photographic style on various hand constructed wood panels finishing them off with thick layers of varnish to give a lustrous quality to the work and giving a sort of  literal appearance of moments frozen in time. Sometimes the wood is painted, sometimes it is left raw, and the blemishes and/or worn, decay-like quality of them become beautiful. There is something both haunting and sensual about the works: some containing ghost-like half-developed images, are partially faded or are saturated in color. They exude a sort of fascinating and secret history in each piece that invites you in for viewing again and again.

by Gal Harpaz: pieces of self #2 - 29"x24"x2"

Gal works intensely with Polaroid film, utilizing all of its unique qualities, visual framing, and even limitations to great effect.  Over the years he’s made a wide variety of work like that of his POLARAMAS or documenting the co-created work of art known as his son, in a series called THEO-ROIDS.

While a wide selection of his work can be seen online at, the work should be seen in person to truly be appreciated in all its detail and glory.
Gal’s artwork is on display at Samy’s Camera, located at 431 S. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles 90036 now through the end of the year. GO! Give your legs a workout and TAKE THE STAIRS AT SAMY’S

Congrats and Happy Birthday to a sublime artist!

washing negs, costa careyes, mexico - 11"x9.75"x3.75"

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